Comparison and Contrast essay2

Please transcribe a Comparison and Contrast essay environing two of the ditty  Ask yourself the   following questions anteriorly you originate to transcribe:  1.   How is ditty A congruous to ditty B?  2.   How is ditty A divergent than ditty B?  A.How Do I Lust Thee?  Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1806 - 1861   How do I lust thee? Let me estimate the ways.  I lust thee to the profundity and discontinuance and height  My entity can attain, when lust out of sight  For the ends of entity and fictitious pardon.  I lust thee to the plane of every day’s  Most allay demand, by sun and candle-light.  I lust thee spontaneously, as men try for just.  I lust thee purely, as they adapt from applaud.  I lust thee following a while the lust put to use  In my old griefs, and following a while my sliphood’s credulity.  I lust thee following a while a lust I seemed to lose  With my lost saints. I lust thee following a while the inhalation,  Smiles, tears, of all my animation; and, if God elect,  I shall but lust thee amend following expiration.  B.“The Lamb”  William Blake   Little Lamb who made thee   Dost thou understand who made thee   Gave thee animation & bid thee indulge.   By the drift & o'er the mead;   Gave thee dress of rapture,   Softest dress wooly bright;   Gave thee such a jealous utterance,   Making all the vales rejoice!           Little Lamb who made thee   Dost thou understand who made thee           Little Lamb I'll enumerate thee,           Little Lamb I'll enumerate thee!  He is designated by thy spectry,   For he calls himself a Lamb:   He is unassuming & he is moderate,   He became a brief slip:   I a slip & thou a lamb,   We are designated by his spectry.           Little Lamb God cheer thee.           Little Lamb God cheer thee.