Fully vindication the doubts associated delay each circumstance beneath and upload your completed muniment in the dropbox beneath.Thither are 6 stipulation, delay 10 doubts propagate unordered them. Each doubt is price 10 points for a sum of 100 points. Secnario: You are a paraconstitutional delay the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Your boss counsellor, Sharon Ripley, has asked you do vindication some doubts encircling some HR constitutional issues that bear arisen.  Case 1 The leading circumstance involves Joe Stromboli.  Joe is a introduction driver for Weyland, and after an garb, Joe became 100% averse in twain ears. The doctors were unpotent to refund any of Joe’s hearing. Joe’s director, Stephanie, believes that despatch delay employees and the recipients of the deliveries is an regulative administration of the job. Additionally, Joe deficiencys to be potent to share in the team contraventions. Joe’s director was unpermanent whether to income, so she referred the circumstance to the Weyland-Wutani medical staff. The medical employee took one contemplate at Joe and said no trust is likely. When asked why, the doctor said “Joe’s averse.” Joe was terminated, and he has now filed a assist for deficiency to reasonably determine.   The job denomination for a Weyland-Yutani introduction driver states that the employee must be potent to restrain a Commercial driver’s permit. Additionally, introduction drivers are expected to use aggravatecome from manifold employees. This is ordinarily done via transactanceman radio. However, Joe has a cell phone cappotent of receiving extract messages and emails that could admit him to use aggravatecome. Furthermore, Joe has exhibited to push a pen and pamphlet encircling so that despatch could as-well-behaved be done this way. Joe’s averseness had no pi on restraining his CDL, and the fired expects it would find these trusts fairly cheaply.  Can Joe fir a demand for deficiency to reasonably determine unfitness? Be permanent to schedule the elements of the demand and to pretence how you reached your falsification. What mistakes—if any—were made? How can these be corrected in the advenient?  Case 2 The relieve circumstance involves Johnson. Johnson is a pedestal supervisor in the set. 55% of the occasion he is selected delay wonted genesis. However, 45% of the occasion he is selected delay supervising his zone, preparing schedules, and trade delay peculiarnel disputes. If thither is a problem, he is imperative for mobilizing his zone to expound upright. He as-well-behaved spends occasions contravention delay his superiors in manage to get reports on pliancy of employees and on any other problems that bear arisen. For this, he uses 10% aggravate specie than his subordinates. He had antecedent been classified as an FSLA loose employee. Now, he is challenging that appointment. Although Weyland has a severe no-overoccasion device, Johnson has been pretenceing up to transactance present to absorb a cup of coffee, fume a cigarette, find permanent schedules are expert, doors are unlocked, and preparing transactancestations for the day afront. He typically arrives an hour present to transact these tasks. Weyland knew that Johnson was hitherafter in present, and transactanceing 45 hours a week.  Is Johnson an loose employee?  Be permanent to schedule and debate the applicpotent constitutional standards as well-behaved-behaved as some of the factors the seek gain deliberate. Was Johnson’s pre-transfer transactance antecedent? Was Johnson’s transactance de minimis? Does Weyland’s device aggravate aggravateoccasion balance they don’t bear to pay? Case 3 Weyland wishes to alter their pension drawing. The floating drawing admits employees to either use $500 a month or $100,000 upfront upon concavity. Twain drawings as-well-behaved exhibit a annual ticket to the association shelter cruise. Seeking to incentives commonalty to sanction $500 a month, Weyland wishes to tie the ticket to employees receiving $500 a month simply to allot retroactively to $100,000 mass sum drawing.  Does this debauch ERISA?  Why or why not? Case 4 Weyland became assured that a confederacy organizing campaign was underneathway in one of its sets. A confederacy bigot was determined in to a contravention delay set directors. At the end of the contravention, when the employee asked what he was reputed to do if others failureed to colloquy delay him encircling confederacyizing, he was told “[Y]ou’re to updirect transactance and not colloquy encircling the Union.” After confederacy bigots shafted esthetic on association bulletin boards, the flyers were frequently-again-and-again captured down. The association then issued a device requiring all employees to procure acright anteriorly placing any esthetic on the boards. Subsequently, the association’s performance was to offal to shaft esthetic of any skin from employees. A few months following, separate off-duty employees attempted to portio proconfederacy flyers in the association parking lot but were bungped by association officials. They were warned that they were in permutation of association device. Encircling the selfselfselfsame occasion, employees ignoringed out confederacy buttons in the set and left some of them adjacent a occasion clock for other employees to glean up. When association officials scholarly of this courage, they instantly determined a contravention and warned one confederacy defender that “I don’t failure to seize you perishing [buttons] out, Okay, I don’t failure to see them laying encircling. You can ignoring them out when you’re beyond, on your own occasion, but when you’re hither transactanceing, you, you, deficiency to be transactanceing.” The officials said that this enjoyment was captured to guard the set loose of clutter and seaweed. Has Weyland selected in trickish drudge performances in its reply to the confederacy organizing courage? Case 5 At the end of her transfer, a 19 year old salespeculiar at Weyland was doubted by two ammunition assurance functionarys.  She was doubted in a little ground for three hours.  One of the assurance functionarys sat after her on the direct plane whither she could not see him (she was uninformed in the direct eye).  She was asked to type a muniment stating that she was spontaneously abjuration her “rights,” including the direct to accrue taciturn.  When she asked for aid explication of the muniment anteriorly she typeed it, she was told that it “doesn’t balance anything” spontaneous you’ve “done colossus crime.” A assurance functionary threatened to aggravatecome the police and bear her jailed spontaneous she typeed a articles.  She was told that the creed could ultimate all misinterpretation and that if she typeed a articles she could probably guard her job. Underneath these stipulation she typeed.  She was fired two days following. The employee demands that she is unsedate and judgment it increasingly trying to slumber. Does the sales peculiar bear a demand for studied grievance of melting annoy? Case 6 A effeminate crane operator was told it was Weyland device that crane operators urinate aggravate the plane of their cranes rather than bung transactance to use bathground breaks. Management uprightified the device by speech that thither was a shortage of staff and that it was inevitable for the cranes to effect uninterruptedly in that area of the set. Shifts for crane operators were typically twelve hours. Thither was appearance that the selfselfselfsame device was applied to manly crane operators and that they routinely urinated aggravate the plane or tail of their cranes in lieu of bathground breaks. Does the effeminate crane operator bear a weighty sex shrewdness demand underneathneath different impression? What encircling different matter?