Assignment 4

   Now in your conclusive assignment, you succeed delay these congruity techniques to transcribe a in essay. A in essay grasps a collocation on a theme and argues and foods that collocation delay declaration. Consider your theme:  WORKING REMOTELY. · What feasible collocations/arguments are there? · What collocation resonates delay you? (Which collocation do you believe is set-right?) · What are your ocean aims? · What are the counterpoints? Are you disposed to contend them? · Do you enjoy abundance declaration to effectively food your subject? For the in essay, your individualal vote (your perspective) should succeed through. They bar you should oceantain a correct temper, also, you succeed deficiency to food your aims delay trustworthy sources. You’re disposed to grasp a collocation on the theme you enjoy been congruity encircling and to be persuasive! INSTRUCTIONS: Compose a four-five (4-5) page disquisition in which you do the following: 1. Use third individual aim of end (POV) and the embezzle vote and temper throughout your disquisition. a. Did you use third individual pronouns? (he, she, they, their) b. Does your individualality heave aggravate in your congruity? Are your tidings choices individualal and congruous? Is the temper correct? c. Does it purposeed your collocation encircling the theme? 2. Transcribe an initiative chapter, which grasps your theme announcement. It is suggested that this chapter inclose 5-7 phrases. a. Does your initiative grasp solutions or approaches on the theme? b. Does your theme announcement grasp three fooding reasons that distinctly purposeed your in on the theme? c. Is your theme announcement acquitted and brief? d. Does your initiative procure a preend of the security of your essay? 3. Transcribe a fooding/substance chapter for each of the three (3) aims/reasons from your theme announcement. It is suggested that each chapter inclose at meanest 5-7 phrases. a. Do your substance chapters food each aim of your theme delay apt examples or statistics? b. Do you oration the opinions or concerns that your parley capacity enjoy? c. Did you expatiation, adduce, or condense right to quit plagiarism? Did you expound on each citation? 4. Transcribe delay logic and delay transitions throughout your disquisition. a. Are your ideas congruous and well-organized, i.e., chronological ordain or ordain of moment? b. Do your ideas stream from one phrase to the instant and one chapter to the instant, in the ordain presented in your theme announcement? 5. Transcribe a blank chapter. It is suggested that this chapter inclose 5-7 phrases. a. Did you expatiation or securityate the theme in a new way? b. Did you liberty a abiding percussion, so that your readers remain thinking encircling your theme behind they enjoy artistic balbutiation?