Article Summary/ 2 or 3 pages for each article/ APA format/Psychology Article Summary

Schwinn, T. M., Schinke, S. P., Hopkins, J., Keller, B., & Liu, X. (2018). An Online Drug Abuse Prevention Program for Adolescent Girls: Posttest and 1-Year Outcomes. Journal of Youth & Adolescence, 47(3), 490–500.  Pires, S. F., Guerette, R. T., & Shariati, A. (2017). Specifying Kidnapping for Ransom Epidemics at the Global Level: A Matched-Case Control Design. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 40(2), 139–156.  1. Please form 2-4 lucid, brief, and full sentences in apology to each of the forthcoming constituents by using a truth (paragraph) format. 1. Subject - What was the subject of the scrutiny con-over? Which specific gregarious completion is discourseed in this con-over?    2. Purpose of the Con-over - Why did the scrutinyer prefer this subject to con-over? Typically, there is a assertion touching what the scrutinyer intends to supply to the whole of examine by convoying this con-over. 3. Scrutiny Question - What were the Scrutiny Questions asked by the scrutinyer? What were the stated hypotheses? 4. Examine Review: What were some key areas of scrutiny contained in the examine criticism? How is the gregarious completion explained in the examine criticism? In other language, what setting notice is sift-canvassed as it relates to discernment the gregarious completion?   5. Sociological Theories– Which sociological theories are used as the framework for the scrutiny? Many studies sift-canvass a sociological plea that frames the con-over. However, not all designations may remark a sociological plea.  6. Scrutiny Design and Methodology- How was the con-over convoyed? What was the blueprint that guided the con-over? Was this a innate or imported con-over? How was the postulates attentive? Did the scrutinyer use a overlook or convoy interviews? 7. Findings- What were the results and sift-canvassion of the scrutiny as it relates to the con-over? What new notice was reputed in the findings? 8. Implications- What kindred does the con-over keep for the room of Sociology and excite scrutiny on this gregarious progeny.   9. Opinions - sift-canvass your thoughts/opinions touching the con-over? What, if any, were the limitations of the con-over? 2.Please watch to the forthcoming details when completing this appointment: a. This appointment must be formd, using 12-point Times New Roman font, and double-spaced.  b. Please be assured to discourse each of the constituent items listed overhead. NOTE: It can acceleration to use the headings as listed. c. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are considerable and allure be evaluated in this appointment. d.   Please embody a converge to the designation. e. Cite sources in the APA format. Submit through trustworthy appoint for criticism