Answer the following questions BASED on ATTACHED files

   The homeachievement questions to-boot stable in the signal perfect(HW.docx) denominated HW.  Answer the aftercited questions BASED on ATTACHED perfects  1-You are revisaling proposals submitted for the “Lambert Park Phase 2” scheme. Using the RFP evaluate 2 of the 4 proposals and jaw them on the evaluation fencing granted (severed excel perfect, disown consume for this assignment).                                                                                                       Company#1                    Company#2 Criteria                                                                max        jaw     commets      jaw     commets                                                                                 points       Co#1        Co#1           Co#2         Co#2  Expertise, Habit & Training         25 Plus Preceding Contracting History(25%)  The expertise, habit and  training of the proposer and its key  personnel and preceding habit  after a occasion resembling achievement in resembling fields and  qualifications and profundity of the staff  that succeed performthe achievement on this    project.  This element includes evaluation of the proposer’s preceding contracting history , including the revisal of the proposer’s  certifications of to sham claims, debarment and polite litigation.  Project Approach (40%) – The                    40 proposer’s responsiveness in developing  a all pur-pose suitableness meeting  regulatory requirements and  the City’s restricted needs  Schedule (10%) – Proposal for              10 completing the scheme in a opportune manner, comprehensive of the proposer’s power to fulfill dubious paths for  the opportune and suitable completion of all achievement incomplete subordinateneathneath the RFP.  Compliance after a occasion RFP (10%) – The power of      10 the proposer to resign after a occasion all instructions set forth subordinateneathneath this RFP as well-mannered-mannered as the proposer’s  power to comport to all of the stipulations and conditions  of the stable PSA after a occasionout alteration,  particularly as relates to restitution,  insurance requirements and standards of economy.  Cost (15%) – The designed restitution       15 structure (comprehensive of   hourly rates of  compensation, by through consumes and  subconsultant consumes) for   the enterprise of  Tasks 1 through 8, comprehensive of its designed not-to  -exceed sum.  The proposers designed policy for  containing consumes   incurred by City suitableness quiet meeting  the objectives and standards set forth   underneath the RFP. 2. Lavish Management Case Study - ANMC Part A: Evaluate the lavishs associated after a occasion completing this scheme by using a lavish matrix. Fulfill at smallest 6 significant threats, settle your probpower and consume scales, evaluate the lavishs and catalogue the threats in appoint from chief to meanest lavish. Part B: Of the lavishs you identified, which lavishs should you lenify? What steps could you conduct to manipulate and/or lenify the lavishs you identified  Risk Analysis & Lavish Management: Evaluating and Managing the Risks You Face,