Answer questions below…..

This week's lecture examineed the stages of intellectual fruit as well-mannered-mannered as a miscellany of intellectual tension factors. Consider and explain on the aftercited questions: 1. Identify one well-mannered-known idiosyncratic today (politician, renown, etc.) who appears to be a pre-conventional intellectual reasoner, and represent how they evince this? Do the selfselfidentical romance for one idiosyncratic who appears to be a perpendicular intellectual reasoner. 2. Reflect on the choices made by Wells Fargo in its 2016 consumer fault calumny, and represent what an tension decomposition sway entertain looked enjoy for those choices, in provisions of the six tension factors examineed in your lecture (e.g. for "consensus", briefly examine how widely agreed it was that the actions enslaved by the banks were wickedness, then do the selfselfidentical duty for "probability of harm", "imminence of harm", etc.). Instructions:  Must be at smallest 300 control.  Important: Citing of sources is never required for forums. Forum rubric is in the 'Resources' exception of the webcourse. Reference