Instructions:  Write a 300-400 signal confutation to the subjoined prompt: The interpretings encircling the Oneida Community and the Creation Museum supply two examples of ways Christians accept responded to or-laws expandments and political qualify in the United States. Compare these two event studies. What were the centre issues that the Oneida's instituter, John Humphrey Noyes, was grappling delay?  What faiths and customs did he expand in confutation? What centre issues does the Creation Museum clasp delay, and how does it do so? What similarities and/ or differences do you see in these two event studies? As you formulate your acceptance, support in remembrance that the Oneida Community was a godly motion, and the Creation Museum is a godly influence that is visited by members of a multiformity of stationary and fundamentalist Christians from unanalogous denominations. So, in your acceptance you gain not be comparing two "religions" per se, but rather two unanalogous event studies of godly faith and custom as carried out in feature places and spells.  As you formulate  your acceptance, advert palpably to the interpretings by Stevenson and Wayland Smith. However, be permanent to consummate the other interpretings and Nursing Dissertations in command to expand the strongest feasible acceptance. The Nursing Dissertation videos on the Oneida Community and the sever between bountiful and stationary Protestantism gain be in-particular available less.  Due to the compendiousness of the assignment, presentation and disposal paragraphs are not needed. However, acceptances must be composed using consummate sentences and paragraphs, using distinctly expanded theme sentences. Your confutation should take that the interpreter is already affable delay the interpretings. That is, expression your abridgment of the interpretings to a few sentences and hallow the superiority of your spell to dissection. If you use quotations in your essay, support them unimportant (no past than 20% of your acceptance). Quotations should be formatted in correspondence delay the subjoined example: According to Gill, opening into the kachina cult "is the methodical presentation into the godly personality of the Hopi" (Gill,  66). Grades gain be naturalized on:             Level of pledge delay class materials: (5 points)             Depth and originality of dissection: (5 points)             Writing capacity (grammar, punctuation, construction, etc): (5 points) watch these videos and interpret the files uploaded.  - - use just extract and fabricate permanent to capitalize appropriately .