Streams of Silver 24. Eulogy for Mithril Hall

The persistent dragon drifted inferior and inferior, the unsubstantial of the flames reluctantly diminishing to a unmixed particle at the profound of Garumn's Gorge. Drizzt scrambled up aggravate the lcause and came up additionally Catti-brie and Wulfgar, Catti-brie encroachment the gem-studded helm, and twain of them staring accelerationlessly counter the unreserveding. The two of them almost demolish aggravate in amaze when they acrimonious to see their drow associate reacrimonious from the sober. Equal the show of Artemis Entreri had not prompt Wulfgar and Catti-brie for the appearance of Drizzt. "How?" Wulfgar gasped, but Drizzt cut him lacking. The age for explanations would conclude later; they had further demure vocation at agency. Across the surfeit, equitefficient contiguous to the lever hooked to the bridge, limpid Artemis Entreri, encroachment Regis by the throat precedently him and grinning wickedly. The ruby pendant now hung environing the assassin's neck. "Let him go," Drizzt said equally. "As we agreed. You accept the gem." Entreri laughed and pulled the lever. The stone bridge shuddered, then broke aside, tumbling into the tenebrosity beneath. Drizzt had design that he was unconcealeding to apprehend the assassin's motivations for this betrayal, forced now that Entreri had enslaved Regis to fix pursuit, continuing his own particular defy delay Drizzt. But now delay the bridge past and no presumefficient aempty unconcealed precedently Drizzt and his associates, and the unceasing baying of the attendant hounds growing restr at their ends, the drow's theories didn't look to remain up. Angered by his indistinctness, he reacted immediately. Having obsolete his own bow end in the arbor, Drizzt grabbed Taulmaril from Catti-brie and disposed an arrow. Entreri moved lawful as dissipated. He rushed to the ledge, scooped Regis up by an ankle, and held him by one agency aggravate the cause. Wulfgar and Catti-brie sensed the peculiar tie betwixt Drizzt and the assassin and knew that Drizzt was ameliorate efficient to bargain delay this office. They moved end a tramp and held each other rest. Drizzt kept the bow equable and cocked, his eyes unblinking as he searched for the one progress in Entreri's defenses. Entreri shook Regis dangerously and laughed intermittently. "The highway to Calimport is crave in-truth, drow. You shall accept your befoulment to lay-hold-on up delay me." "You accept blocked our avoid," Drizzt retorted. "A certain incommode," explained Entreri. "Sulean you succeed furnish your way through this, equal if your other associates do not. And I succeed be waiting!" "I succeed conclude," Drizzt promised. "You do not insufficiency the halfling to compel me limitedness to follow you down, tarnished assassin." "'Tis gentleman," said Entreri. He stretched into his pouch, pulled out a weak part, and tossed it into the air. It twirled up aloft him then dropped. He caught it lawful precedently it passed past his stretch and would accept activityless into the surfeit. He tossed it intermittently. Celebrity weak, celebrity black. Entreri tossed it a third age, teasingly, the countenance largening counter his visage as Drizzt inferiored the bow. Guenhwyvar. "I do not insufficiency the halfling," Entreri formal flatly and he held Regis farther out aggravate the unreserveding. Drizzt dropped the cabalistic bow atail him, but kept his beam locked upon the assassin. Entreri pulled Regis end in to the ledge. "But my subdue demands the equitefficient to immolate this shabby embezzler. Lay your plans, drow, for the hounds inhale nigh. Alone, you continue a ameliorate befoulment. Leave those two, and live! "Then conclude, drow. Finish our vocation." He laughed one further age and spun afar into the tenebrosity of the latest tunnel. "He's out, then," said Catti-brie. "Bruenor determined that sentence as a undeviating run to a door out of the halls." Drizzt looked all environing, unmanageable to furnish some media to get them counter the unreserveding. "By Bruenor's own articulation, tclose is another way," Catti-brie offered. She marked down to her equitable, inland the south end of the cavern. "A ledge," she said, "but hours of walking." "Then run," replied Drizzt, his eyes quiet agricultural upon the tunnel counter the surfeit. By the age the three companions stretched the ledge, the echoes of howls and particles of unsubstantial far to the north told them that Duergar and attendant hounds had entered the cavern. Drizzt led them counter the thin walkway, his end pressed intermittentlyst the embankment as he inched his way inland the other edge. All the surfeit lay unconcealed precedently him, and the fires quiet burned beneath, a ghastly reminder of the end of his bearded associate. Perhaps it was impartial that Bruenor died close, in the settlement of his ancestors, he design. Perhaps the abortion had latestly pleasant the desire that had dictated so considerable of his activity. The dropping remained intolerefficient to Drizzt, though. His years delay Bruenor had shown him a benign and respected associate, a associate he could lean upon at any age, in any detail. Drizzt could utter himself aggravate and aggravate that Bruenor was pleasant, that the abortion had climbed his mountain and won his particular encounter, but in the shocking immediacy of his cessation, those designs did shabby to scatter the drow's mourning. Catti-brie blinked afar further tears, and Wulfgar's droop belied his self-denial when they moved out counter the surfeit that had beconclude Bruenor's sober. To Catti-brie, Bruenor was father and associate, who taught her sinews and queer her delay sensibility. All of the constants of her globe, her rise and settlement, lay persistent far beneath, on the end of a hell-spawned dragon. A callousness descended aggravate Wulfgar, the unimpassioned unfinished of spiritlessness and the event of how brittle activity could be. Drizzt had reacrimonious to him, but now Bruenor was past. Aloft any emotions of joy or mourning came a wave of mutability, a fatal rewriting of gallant images and bard-sung legends that he had not expected. Bruenor had died delay bravery and force, and the narrative of his excited bounce would be told and retold a thousand ages. But it would never satisfy the empty that Wulfgar felt at that importance. * * * They made their way counter to the unreserveding's other edge and raced end to the north to get to the latest tunnel and be frank of the attendants of Mithril Hall. When they came intermittently into the large end of the cavern, they were dotted. Duergar shouted and hateful at them; the majestic black attendant hounds roared their threats and scratched at the lip of the other edge of the surfeit. But their enemies had no way to get at them, lacking of going all the way environing to the ledge, and Drizzt trampped unopposed into the tunnel that Entreri had entered a few hours precedent. Wulfgar followed, but Catti-brie paused at the porch and looked end counter the surfeit at the gathered multitude of silvery dwarves. "Come," Drizzt said to her. "Tclose is dot that we can do close, and Regis insufficiencys our acceleration." Catti-brie's eyes thined and the muscles in her jaw clenched tightly as she disposed an arrow to her bow and fired. The silver streak whistled into the mob of Duergar and deformed one from activity, sending the others scurrying for secure. "Nothing now," Catti-brie replied ghastlyly, "but I'll be comin' end! Let the silvery dogs apprehend it for verity. "I'll be end!"