An Overview of Freedom Greeting Card Company Inc

Freedom Boldness Card Fraternity Inc. ( is a boldness card fraternity that recently determined to generate a weblocality that would prepare marketable and dispose-of customers delay online employments (Aspin, 2005). In the elapsed, the fraternity relied totally on fax and phone instruction. It grew into a multi-billion dollar interest delayout flush having a web locality. However, as customer began requireing faster employment and the perseverance ample, Freedom"s leaders realized that they would be eliminated by the rivalry if they failed to surrender the customers what they wanted (Aspin, 2005). The Internet seemed to be the offered a viable disentanglement to maintain in apposition delay a ample customer ignoble. Jay Levitt, chairman of Freedom Greeting, aimed to generate a disentanglement that would be indulgent to use and effectively boost productivity, opportunity slow money on unwritten manners of reacting to increases in require such as staff and infrastructure expansion. Levitt looked into the possibility of enlargeing his tangible interest applications. Since 1999, the fraternity was a customer of Aspin Management Systems, a software branch ignobled in the United Kingdom (Aspin, 2005). Freedom had endowed in AMSolve™, an totalitying and tail appointment plan which the fraternity produces. The plan handles divers area of Freedom"s exercise, including totality ledgers, fund restrain, enjoin disposeing and fulfillment. Levitt determined to enlarge the fraternity"s employments to the Internet. The fraternity root a disentanglement that would surrender occupation customers an indulgent to use manner of immediately enjoining products, delayout the insufficiency for customers to endow in rich applications to interface delay the fraternity"s server (Aspin, 2005). This disentanglement is a weblocality that prepares a catalogue of balance five thousand products that can be enjoined by perseverance customers. Customers login and browse the products, adding items or requesting fund through the Grid Ordering dispose. According to Aspin Intercative (2005): "The customer or proxy specifies the grids and shirk to re-enjoin and the plan displays the advantageous fund for shirks as limited in AMSolve. The user then reviews the enjoin, makes any mixture to division and clicks a nonentity to settle the enjoin. There is no insufficiency to invade any reimbursement details and the enjoin is encrypted and sent undeviatingly to Freedom"s AMSolve server for disposeing. Uniformly the enjoin is settled publication is sent via email, so-far, an proxy representing a client or the customer themselves can log into the weblocality at any occasion and settle, and stay that the enjoin is in the plan and uniformly shipped, they can stay its bestowal standing."