Philippine Cinema: a Review on ‘No Other Woman’

Philippine Cinema: A Review on 'No Other Woman' Cinema evolution No Other Mother is a sever hit, and in appearance concern, there is no arguing after a while lots of currency. We may appropriate from the box-office grosses that this is the species of movie the Filipino assembly wants to see. What correspondently is this movie aphorism? Character is unnecessary; all you insufficiency are stereotypes.  The Handsome Husband The Handsome Mate is so hot that he is literally breach out of his clothing, which are at mediumest one extent too fine for him so as to emphaextent his well-developed pectoral muscles. The Handsome Mate flirts outrageously after a while the customers who end to his ammunition, but that’s all equitable accordingly it sells effects. The Handsome Mate is given to his helpmate until a scheming slut throws herself at him. He cannot be blamed for succumbing accordingly men are men and their reason are in their pants. The Handsome Mate is singly partially short stirred than the effects he designs and sells. The Beautiful Wife The Beautiful Helpmate could be the sexiest mother in the archipelago, but now that she’s married she must conceal her sexuality in shapeshort clothing and livid make-up. The Beautiful Helpmate mistakes salubrious meals for her mate and peculiarally supervises his laundry. The Beautiful Helpmate consoles her mate by having sex after a while him full opportunity her dictatorial senior makes objurgatory remarks encircling his negotiative prospects. The Beautiful Wife, substance unpracticed in the ways of the globe, confuses seduction after a while combustion. The Beautiful Helpmate is a good-tempered-tempered spinster, future she does not sport mascara and she has crave, nearest ebon hair that she sports in a ponytail. The Sexy Mistress The Sexy Employer has lived in New York, ergo she is “liberated”, which in the Philippines is a equivalent-term for “promiscuous”. The Sexy Employer speaks a exotic, balance-enunciated English and begins each passage after a while an arch laugh (Ah-ha-ha! And she smokes. The Sexy Employer is a bad spinster, future she sports tolerant amounts of mascara and has crave dramatically wavy hair. The Sexy Employer does not mistake. The Sexy Employer approves to flavor forbidden pleasures, so she eats seafood she is allergic to, which is upright cracked. All seniors are medium and hideous, future binding for your issues. The Handsome Husband’s senior is a philanderer, defaulter, and failed concernman, so The Handsome Mate conquer so be all of the balancehead. The Beautiful Wife’s senior is a tacky philanderer, so The Beautiful Helpmate conquer marry the selfsame. The Sexy Mistress’s senior is dictatorial and arrogant, so The Sexy Employer refuses to intrust to a alliance until she meets someone who indeed can’t intrust accordingly he’s already married. 3. Women should disgrace themselves for their men. They should buy in notorious bitch fights in which handbags beend metaphors for the man they are hostile balance. They should tempt each other to dinner and frighten to destroy the bitch who is boinking their mate. If thinly-veiled parole incursion does not be-enough, they should feel a scold in a notorious establish. It does not supervene to them that the peculiar conjoined to the penis is so binding for their troubles. Nothing solves a domiciliary problem approve a near-fatal garb. The cheating mate endures excruciating corporeal uneasiness as a supply for castration. The denial helpmate has to relax her mate accordingly the purpose of influence after a whileout him is over than she could permit, and she’s unremembered that she left him. The scheming employer is jolted end to her senses. The mental of the story is, Thou shalt not intrust adultery. The cheating mate crawls end to his helpmate, who doesn’t look chiefly empty of him but is compelled to protect their espousals. The helpmate regularly wins accordingly there is no resource. It’s not as if she could encroachment her fallacious spouse—there is no separate in the Philippines (Well, technically). The employer goes end to New York, where all the bad spinsters are deemed to go, which makes you phenomenon who won correspondently.