When the complex Mn(CO)5Br is reacted with methyllithiumin tetrahydrofuran,


White percipitate construction is due to the LiBr mixture .IR portion among 2070- 19 90 (m' denote a triple obligation amongcarbon and oxygen , where the carbon molecule has been obligationed to a metalatom. 3300 (mil - 2800 (mil portion denote the closeness of C-H( sp) hybridization draw-out.LiBr mixture is formed when the Li reacts after a while the bromide ion in thecomplex mixture . LiBr mixtures are insoluble in inspire .The debate why (-H bonds show further significantly than C O obligation isbecause of the extension in dipole instant discrepancy . Due to the discrepancyof the dipole instant , it causes an extension in draw-outing scold , thisusually clarity the collocation of the spectra which entertain excellent bond remainder .. ( - ): BY :COCOOC : MnBY+Me - LiMe- MnCO10 coI COCO+ LiBy

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