The Chronicles of a Leader Journal Overview Worth 40 points apiece The Chronicles of a Leader journal is an activity in which your leadership experiences are utilized to promote self-reflection, anal 1

The Chronicles of a Leader Chronicle Overview

Worth 40 points severally

The Chronicles of a Leader chronicle is an breath in which your commencement experiences are utilized to exalt self-reflection, decomposition of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT), and vestige your commencement advancement. The chronicle get to-boot appendix your interpretation of commencement system and application in national bloom.

Journal entries are price forty (40) points severally and are located in Blackboard amid the weeks in which they are due.

Journal Entry 4: Review the chronicle entries that you keep completed throughout the mode and mirror on your separate enlargement. In enumeration, clear at smallest one (1) progeny that offscourings a achievement in advancement for you, and draft a contemplation that you could utensil to permit continued enlargement in the verified area.

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