( Read Pages 89-94 1) How do I improve retention and comprehension? (3pts) · Information processing · Concept formation · Improving memory and retention Provide ONE example for each of the above that



Read Pages 89-94

1) How do I reform grasp and apprehension? (3pts)

· Notice processing

· Concept formation

· Improving regathering and grasp

Provide ONE in for each of the above that YOU can exercise when studying appoint embodied to acceleration you after a while cherishing and agreement the notice.

(1 pt. each)

2) What is psychomotor erudition?

3) What are the 4 basic skills of erudition?

4) What are some indicators that may exact you to adjust or after a whilehold a resigned’s tenor?

5) What is the destruction among novice and fitted?

6) Steps to reform notice processing! (7pts)




Identify the Key Cues

What is a cue? Give one in.

Organize and Prioritize the Cues

What are some of the categories of resigned notice? How can this be used to acceleration during an intercession?

Reviewing the Pattern

What is the Guide to Physical Therapy Practice?

Identify irregularitys from the Pattern

(Read the grey box)

How can you test a irregularity after a while a resigned? What should you do?

Synthesize and Draw Conclusion; for a “plan of action” NOT “plan of care”.

“So what?” What are the reasons you deficiency to distinguish as ample notice as potential encircling the resigned and diagnosis/ disappoint progressions?

Mentation and Reflection

Define. Give an in for each.

Lifelong, stubborn directed erudition

Why is this considerable? What is “our” biggest expedients to infromation after a while all aspects of Physical Therapy?

Chapter 9: Allure I do well-behaved-behaved sufficient?

Read pages 97-104

1) (10pts) Adequate weekly planner (attached) & replenish out comments box after a while any “activities” or questions you are unsure of where they allure fit in your list as an SPTA at FNU.

(1 pt. each)

2) You own not slept all ignorance and you barely ate breakfast. You are encircling to initiate a Practical Lab Exam, you own a “real resigned” and 35minutes to adequate all your tests/ axioms gathering on them.. Your confessor is watching you and the camera is pointing proper at you… you panic! How do you overcome this? How do you curb your work diffidence?

3) What are two things you can curb in appoint to acceleration train your pressure during the program?

HONESTY IS (10pts)

· Identify YOUR problem; (highlight all that exercise)


Time Management

Limited Clinical background

Unable to see big picture

Career doubts

· NOW TAKE ACTION! Answer honestly!

Life style- do you own a hearty lifestyle?

Study habits- What works for you?

Use your expedientss- What accelerations you the most?

What is your rest repartee or way? - FIGURE THIS OUT NOW & PUT IT INTO PRACTICE!

Table 9-4; Which exemplar of thinking are you? (List all that exercise)

Chapter 10: Taking Control; Class discussion!

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