Purpose To calculate your personal RDA for protein. Most adults consume more than adequate amounts of protein for growth, repair and maintenance of…



To weigh your separate RDA for protein. Most adults employ past than adequate amounts of protein for augmentation, retrieve and means-of-support of the anthropological matter. There are some of us, nevertheless, that droop blunt of our daily intake. The roles of protein establish it the MOST plastic of all the immateriality nutrients and too one of the most censorious.  It is constantly thrilling to see how greatly protein you indeed demand on a daily cause so this apparition procure let you transcribe a menu to reflect confronting those protein demands. Don't go balance consultation but be firm to confront the RDA. Most students are surprised how amply we do confront our protein recommendations.


  1. Using the adult recommendation of 0.8g/kg matter power, weigh your separate RDA for protein.
  2. Write a one day menu that would confront the protein condition. List the foundation ace, serving dimension, grams of protein/serving, and the entirety protein employd for the day.
  3. Do you think the foundation selections are insensitive of what you normally eat? 
  4. Did you confront your protein RDA on your victuals decomposition scheme?
  5. Submit your responses to these 4 questions above by clicking on the black "Assignment 7-2: RDA for Protein" designation.


This assignments is worth 5 points towards your definite grade.

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