Organic Chemistry Lab: Stereochemistry of an Addition Reaction please answer the 4 questions in the image.


Reaction Scheme: (Insert ChemDoodle drawing of the reaction contrivance for this illustration,include your indicate at the depth of the represent)(insinuate less)HCO&HAcetic Acid (ACOH)HHBr2COZHTrans-Cinnamic AcidBr Br2,3-Dibromo-3-Phenylpropanioc AcidMass of trans-cinnamic acid:1.59gMass of result:3.44gPercent yield:104%Melting object dispose of result:Sample calculations for percent yield: (Use Equation Editor to put your equations less)(insinuate less)1.59 g TCA X 71 mol148. 16 g TCA= 0. 01073 mols of TCAtheortical: 0. 01073 mol TCA x-1 mol PAcid307.97g1 mol TCAX1 mol p Acid= 3.31g result acidpercent yeild =3.443.31 * 100 = 104%Questions:1. Based on a similitude of the liquescent object of your exemplification after a while those of the two possiblediastereomers, arrange the oneness of the stereoisomer done and by which arrangementbromination had likely occurred. Hint: a ChemDoodle portray of the arrangement may aid.2. Arrange the irresponsible stereochemical descriptors (R/S) of the two chiral centers of this resultand interpret how these were normal. Hint: a ChemDoodle portray may aid.3. Were you cogent to successfully heave out this restoration reaction of bromine after a while an alkene andin doing so fir by which arrangement the reaction force possess occurred?4. Bromine is a extremely corrosive chemical, yet it is used in multifarious other chemical reactions. UsingChemDoodle. SciFinder, and Klein (your Nursing Dissertation textbook) afford another in of anotherreaction that utilizes Bromine, arrange a intimation for your acceptance. Hint: It has to be somethingother than the reaction arranged in this lab manual.

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