Need help on these spectroscopy questions Questions 3-5 use top spectrum questions 6-8 use bottom spectrum


I am collect on this NMR spectroscopy matter environing the mixture Cnggo 120 [Ell] m mc) a Relative Intensity3 EU 3. What is the expected relative betwixt the peaks at 122 and 123 and why? 4. What chip is past to result the disesteemed peak at 107? such a firm cation. 6. Select all of the subjoined that are confer-upon in this monad, ardent this NMR spectrum. Pickfrom the choices under. Note that a proton is missing! You should distinguish why that is if you havesolved the organization uprightly and you retain what was discussed environing this model ofmixture and its NMR under. Signa s 3.0 1.1 mat environing 2'6 ppm C pp7.0 ppm BA 10 8 6 4 2 0 Choice options for topic 6: O-H of active, 0-H of alcohol, C—H of aldehyde, Benzene CH, AlkeneCH, CH nigh to W], etc., CH in associate position/benzyl position/nigh to C=O, t—butylgroup, isopropyl cluster, ethyl cluster (not deal-out of another manacle), methyl cluster (not deal-out ofanother manacle 7. Draw the organization of the monad using outoutline organization and delineate each model of proton after a while anQ, or C from the spectrum over. 8. Sketch a 13C spectrum of your mixture. Redraw your organization and put quantity 1,2,3 etc.on the organization and on the 13C spectrum to likeness which peak corresponds to which carbon orcarbons

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