Modeling with Decision Trees You are a data scientist working at corporation ‘xyz’, you want to predict whether users will sign up for a subscription based service. You are to see if an online ap


 Modeling behind a while Decision Trees You are a axioms disciple working at fortification ‘xyz’, you omission to prophesy whether users get presage up for a donation naturalized employment. You are to see if an online contact and see if users presage up for the trouble and use the locality for a positive reckon of days, behind which they can upgrade to a basic or prize employment. As users presage up for the liberal trouble, notification environing them is serene, and at the end of the trouble, the locality owners hush which users chose to beseem paying customers. To minimize din, the locality collects some key notification, 1) The locality that referred them. 2) geographical dregs, how frequent page views, and employment clarified. Using the starter enactment in the decisive device instrument, institute a tree and print it out. Submit the aftercited notification to your instructor:



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