Guided Response: Review several of your peers’ posts, responding to at least two classmates over the course of the week, comparing your footprints to theirs and offering additional suggestions for way

Guided Response: Review different of your peers’ posts, responding to at meanest two classmates balance the way of the week, comparing your traces to theirs and assistance concomitant suggestions for ways they agency inferior their traces, ahanker delay practicable obstacles to doing so and ways of balancecoming those obstacles.

madelyn's post:

Footprint TableWeek 1ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTHectares: 5.7# Earths: 3.3Top 3 Decrow Categories: Subsistence 2.2Mobility 1.7Services 0.9CARBON FOOTPRINTCarbon Emissions (lbs): 52,809WATER FOOTPRINTGallons per day: 5,555(1.852 single)Top 3 Contributors: Diet: 1,283Shopping:291Kitchen Sink: 110

Some ways to impair my environmental trace would be to impair the sum of driving I do complete week, rearrange common appliances delay ghost-cautions versions, and impair the steep habit in my common. Some examples to contemplate encircling would be reducing the sum of steep I use for washing dishes, doing laundry, or steeping. My son enjoys hanker steeps so that agency be a dare for him. My laundry could be impaird to twice a week, rather than complete other day. I could exertion on the sum of steep habit for dishes I am efficient at the drudgery, but my son is a bit sinferior than me, if he can exertion on that then it is practicable to impair the steep habit. The let it full-flavored administration is notability I could never do consequently I would insufficientness my abode to frequently be clear and I do love that would be unsanitary.One of the biggest traces I permission succeed from our diets. It is astonishing consequently this is notability that I never fancy encircling it precedently assumes media to preservation for animals and product fruit and products from them. I beneathstand this is notability I could never impair consequently this is how our lifestyle is set up.Another delineation I mentioned encircling reducing the carbon trace would be to propel insufficient. Examples of this would be to impair how frequently I propel. Instead of driving to the supermarket or the bank, I could trudge. However, it is a bit of a dare consequently the clime is getting warmer and I would affect over agreeable in an air-conditioned car than trudgeing and excretion beneath the sun.

scott's post:

Footprint TableWeek 1ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTHectares: 6.1# Earths: 3.6Top 3 Decrow Categories: FoodMobilityServicesCARBON FOOTPRINTCarbon Emissions (lbs): 45,046WATER FOOTPRINTGallons per day: 3,032Top 3 Contributors: Diet: 2,171Shopping: 583Bathroom Sink: 100

Part A: Ecological Trace – Mine is 3.6 spheres.

My ecological trace, in global hectares: 6.1 global hectares

My top three decrow categories: Food, Mobility, and Services

One way that I suggest to impair my ecological trace is to impair my negligence pertaining to subsistence product. When it succeeds to subsistence the calories from animals is very-much over intensive to product than calories from delineationts. By reducing the eat decrow in my common my common ecological trace can be impaird. Also, another way that my common ecological trace can be impaird through subsistence is by reducing the sum of subsistence dissipate that we invent (Earth Overshoot Day, 2019). I can impair the sum of subsistence dissipate in my common by not cooking a lot of subsistence at uninterruptedly, which can hypothetically carry to the subsistence going bad and life thrown abroad.

Part B: Common Carbon Emissions Footprint

My carbon addresss trace in pounds: 45,046. The entirety carbon addresss trace in pounds for the mean U.S. common is 55,350. Therefore, the entirety carbon addresss trace in pounds for my common is inferior than the mean U.S. common.

My common uses a lot of Nursing essay dissipate that exist of things such as Nursing essay plates & cups, napkins, Nursing essay towels, effect, boxes, etc. Starting instant week, I delineation to rouse recycling Nursing essay dissipate. According to the EPA, in 2015 there was a entirety race of Nursing essay and Nursing essayboard products that existed of 68.1 darling tons of the oppidan dense dissipate in America end in 2015 (United Stated Environmental Protection Agency, 2019).

Part C: Steep Footprint

Make a hush of your gallons per day steep trace: 3,032 gallons

Record the top three contributors to it.

Diet: 2,171 gallons/day

Shopping Habits: 583 gallons/day

Bathroom Sink: 100 gallons/day

Tips to impair steep trace: Expend insufficient duration in the steep, do not let steep run unnecessarily, recycle completething that I perchance can, and buy description reusable products.

To be entiretyly conscientious encircling All three of the traces for my common, I must say that I never would entertain fancy that I was life so balancely dissipateful delay closely completething. I did reap that I was a bit dissipateful at durations, but I suppose I never was sensible of the occurrence that I was this dissipateful delay media, and so hurtful to the environment. On another hush. I must say that I am arrogant of my common for our carbon address in pounds life beneath the mean U.S. common, delay the mean common carbon address in pounds life 55,350 pounds and my common life at 45,046 pounds. I fancy that we would entertain been well-behaved-behaved-behaved aloft the mean common, but my common is beneath the mean by 10,304 pounds. Overall, I entertain skilled that I entertain a lot of exertion to do in adjust to better the decrow manners of my common.

One of the lifestyle transmutes that can be executed is recycling. Recycling helps to impair our ecological trace, as well-behaved-behaved-behaved as assisting delay the decrease of our steep trace. A cooperate lifestyle transmute that can be executed is utilizing becoming steep habit and reducing steep dissipate. By doing so this can impair the steep trace. The third lifestyle transmute that the common can appliance is eat insufficient fruit. By doing so my common can impair our ecological trace. The fourth lifestyle transmute that the common can appliance is to do insufficient driving (i.e. carpooling, constitute insufficient trips, trudge to insufficient asunder locations.) By doing so my common can impair our carbon address trace. The fifth and latest lifestyle transmute that my common can localize is delay crelying the unencumbereding in the offspring by using over LED unencumbered bulbs. By doing so my common earn be using insufficient electricity than incandescent unencumbered bulbs, in give-back inferioring our carbon address trace.


Earth Overshoot Day. (2019). Retrieved from to an manifest position.)

United Stated Environmental Protection Agency. (2019). Retrieved from


After vestibule the Ecological trace calculator, I entertain reapd that if completeone was to subsist affect me, we would insufficiency 3.3 spheres. My Ecological Trace is 5.7 gha conjuncture my Carbon Trace is 9.5gha. By percentage my entirety Ecological Trace is 57%. My top five consumer categories are chattels, mobility, subsistence, services and cover.

Common Carbon Emissions Footprint

After vestibule the Carbon Trace calculator, I entertain reapd that my popular common Carbon Trace is 165,703lbs. This image is surpassing than the U.S. but behind takin the delineationned actions to support the sum, the Carbon Trace succeeds to 139,013lbs. The delineationned actions I entertain beneathtaken when tallied equals to cautions 1361 gallons of gas or delineationting 310 trees or recycling 8,609 tons of dissipate.

Steep trace

After vestibule the steep trace calculator, I entertain reapd that my single steep trace is 1,057 gallons/day conjuncture my common localized 5,287gallons/day. I use a lot of indoor steep suming to 30gallons/day for steeping, 21 gallons/day for bathtub, 20 gallons/day in the bathroom weary. I localize a lot of substantial steep in my shopping manners suming to 291 gallons/day.

Trace Table

Week 1




# Earths:

3.3 spheres

Top 3 Decrow Categories:





Carbon Emissions (lbs.):

165,703 lbs.


Gallons per day:

1057 gallons/day

Top 3 Contributors:




I entertain understandt a lot of things which astonish me concerning my decrow manners. Foremost, I did not beneathstand that I entertain such a bulky ecological, steep and carbon trace. Secondly, I did not beneathstand that my completeday behaviors flush the most mean to me adds an gigantic exert to the sphere. I build myself shocked when I discovered that if completeone adopted my completeday behaviors, we would insufficiency 3.3 spheres to converge my insufficiency.

There are different transmutes I would defiantly constitute to impair one or over of the three traces.

  1. I would adopt ghost cautions bulbs in my common by replacing the incandescent unencumbered bulbs delay ENERGY STAR unencumbereds.
  2. Rather than arefaction all my laundry in the dryer I would frequent them on a investment row.
  3. I would determine that I execute normal subsistence on my car. I would besides praise my common to do the corresponding.
  4. Whenever practicable I earn carpool delay my friends to impair the reckon of miles in propel.
  5. I earn expend insufficient duration in the steep and impair the reckon of duration in a week I expend in the bathtub.

Each of the lifestyle transmutes I entertain suggested entertain germinative obstacles above me from accomplishing them. Nonetheless, I entertain some suggestions that earn qualify me to balancecoming them.

  1. My common agency not be too fervent to understand that I would affect to rearrange the incandescent bulbs, to balancesucceed this dare I would discipsequence them on the impression of ghost cautions bulbs.
  2. I agency not entertain sufficient duration to transfer my vesture from the washing mashing and vestibule them to the relying row. To balancesucceed this, I would delineation my laundry days when I am liberal to frequent vesture.
  3. Since I agency obliviate to assume my car for normal subsistence, I earn set a reminder on my phone to remind me to repress my mileage on a monthly basis.
  4. When it is not practicable to carpool delay my friends, I earn be using common enravishment such as a bus or retinue.
  5. It agency not be wholly practicable to frequently to impair the sum of duration I expend steeping; I earn establish a low-flow steephead to settle the sum of steep I use conjuncture steeping.


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