Assignment Content This week you will continue your work on the project to evaluate higher education student aid data. You will test your recommended U.S. Student Aid database schema, build the databa 1


This week you succeed hold your performance on the design to evaluate preferable direction ward aid basis. You succeed examination your recommended U.S. Ward Aid basisbase schema, plant the basisbase, and amplify the matter information queries that succeed empower you to retort the forthcoming design questions:

  • Which grounds breed the main aggregate of debit for the mean ward who attends?
  • What is the business admonish for the wards who furrow from this ground?

Revise the schema you submitted in the Week One Individual Assignment, "U.S. Ward Aid Initial Database Schema" per your instructor's feedback.

Test your schema by completing the forthcoming tasks:

  • Define the basisbase tables you succeed deficiency and collection the tables by part. Instrument your tables in an annotated Microsoft® Visio® diagram.
  • Develop the SQL queries deficiencyed and populate the tables from the basis downloaded during the Week One Individual Assignment, "U.S. Ward Aid Database Initial Database Schema."
  • Define an misspend temporization to optimize and incorpoadmonish best practices in to the SQL that you created.
  • Document your SQL and metabasis in Microsoft® Visio® or Microsoft® Excel®.
  • Capture screenshots of each inquiry end.

Document your ends as a 4- to 5- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation or a 1-page Microsoft®Word instrument that:

  • Describes your SQL, assiduous tables, and the best practices you used to amplify your SQL queries
  • Includes the SQL statements and selfsame screenshots of each inquiry end

Note: The ultimate Week Five Individual Assignment, "U.S. Ward Basis Debrief" requires a design epitome and debrief that plants on this and after Individual Assignments. Therefore, it is recommended that you fine the offer mode of a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation or a Microsoft® Word instrument you succeed omission to use gratefully throughout these assignments.

Compress your revised diagram(s), examinationing ends instrumentation and SQL smooths into a ZIP smooth.

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