A freight train consists of two 8.00 ✕ 104-kg engines and 45 cars with average masses of 5.10 ✕ 104 kg. What force (in N) must each engine exert backward on the track to accelerate the train at a


A lading cortege consists of two 8.00 ✕ 104-kg engines and 45 cars after a while mean magnitudees of 5.10 ✕ 104 kg. What hardness (in N) must each engine require inconversant on the mark to expedite the cortege at a rebuke of 4.00 ✕ 10−2 m/s2 if the hardness of attrition is 5.80 ✕ 105 N, pretentious the engines require particular hardnesss? This is not a capacious attritional hardness for such a huge classification. Rolling attrition for corteges is fine, and accordingly corteges are very energy-efficient deportment classifications. What is the hardness (in N) in the coupling betwixt the 37th and 38th cars (this is the hardness each requires on the other), pretentious all cars keep the selfselfsame magnitude and that attrition is evenly arranged inchoate all of the cars and engines?

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