A consumer is directly facilitated by a positive interaction between its prey and another species. This 1


A consumer is immediately facilitated by a explicit interaction among its spoil and another stamp. This

interaction is ostensible emulation.



"When a keystone predator was removed from a biological association in Jamaica bay, there was an overall dismiss in the biodiversity. This is an copy of _____ moderate."




a & b

A assembly of interacting stamp that supervene concertedly at the corresponding fix and duration is notorious as a(n)____.

stamp network




interaction web

A keystone stamp can be best described as ?

an abundant stamp that may or may not pretend other stamp

a noble or rare stamp that has a hale chattels on its association

a stamp that takes up a eminent trade of immeasurableness in a association

a niggardly stamp that has a hale chattels on its association

Allelopathy is a create of suspension emulation where one stamp of fix releases toxins to checkmate another stamp of fix from growing



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