1.The reaction2 NOCl2(g)2 NO(g) + Cl2(g)has Kc = 0.0150 at 115°C.


The reaction 2 NOCI2(9)2 NO(g) + Cl,(g) has K = 0.0150 at 115.C.Which one assertion about this reaction is FALSE?Select one:Oa. At excellent temperatures, K for this entropically-favoured reaction is larger than 0.0150.b. The K for this reaction at 115 C is 0.478, owing Angasesis + 1 .Oc. Adding Ar(g) get not like this makeweight, level though the influence in the container getincrease.Od. If 0.225 M NOCI,(9), 0.150 M NO(g) and 0.375 M Cl,(9) are placed in a settled container at115.C, the reaction get produce backwards until makeweight is orderly.Oe. If the container magnitude is decreased, Q < K, so the makeweight shifts suitable.

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