1. A particle with a mass of 3.8 × 10-20 kg is oscillating with simple harmonic motion with a period of 3.1 × 10-5 s and a maximum speed of 2.0 × 103 m/s. Calculate (a) the angular frequency and


1.      A grain delay a body of 3.8 × 10-20 kg is shored delay absolute harmonic turmoil delay a conclusion of 3.1 × 10-5 s and a utmost hasten of 2.0 × 103 m/s. Calculate (a) the turned number and (b) the utmost misconception of the grain.

2.      A absolute harmonic oscillator consists of a stop of body 3.20 kg fast to a emerge of emerge firm 140 N/m. When t = 2.00 s, the standing and hasten of the stop are x = 0.137 m and v = 3.040 m/s. (a) What is the largeness of the oscillations? What were the (b) standing and (c) hasten of the stop at t = 0 s?

3.      A stop of body M = 6.20 kg, at peace on a tasteless frictionless table, is fast to a unflexible foundation by a emerge of firm k = 5570 N/m. A bullet of body m = 9.60 g and hasten   of lump 570 m/s strikes and is embedded in the stop (the likeness). Assuming the compression of the emerge is negligible until the bullet is embedded, mention (a) the hasten of the stop after a whileout-delay following the impact and (b) the largeness of the resulting absolute harmonic turmoil.

4.      In the likeness, a natural pendulum consists of a invariable weighty disk (of radius R = 55.6 cm) foundationed in a upright roll by a pivot located a separation d = 27.7 cm from the nucleus of the disk. The disk is displaced by a slender predilection and released. What is the conclusion of the resulting absolute harmonic turmoil?

5.      The 3.50 kg cube in the likeness has cause prolixitys d = 5.10 cm and is mounted on an axle through its nucleus. A emerge (k = 1300 N/m) connects the cube's eminent retreat to a unflexible rampart. Initially the emerge is at its peace prolixity. If the cube is rotated 5.00° and released, what is the conclusion of the resulting SHM?

6.      A stop is in SHM on the end of a emerge, delay standing loving by x = xmcos (ω t + φ). If φ = 1.41 rad, then at t = 0 what percentage of the aggregate automatic courage is possible courage?

7.      What is the complexion firm for SMH delay a(t) loving in the likeness if the standing exercise x(t) has the contrive x = xmcos(ωt + φ) and as = 4 m/s2? (voice that the vindication should be from 0 to 2π)

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